Why Localize Your Listings With Translated

According to a check conducted by Common Sense Advisory, businesses that translate their information in order to communicate and connect with their international consumers are2.67 times more likely to see an increase in profit.

Why the increase? It’s simple

  • Consumers want to buy items in their own language 72 of those surveyed say they’re more likely to buy a product if the information is available in their own language. 
  • Most surprisingly, 56 of web consumers claim that the ability to read the information in their own language is more important to them than the price of the product.

The Amazon marketplace is a key driver to go global

The Amazon marketplace is worth more than$ 130 billion globally. This amazing figure is made possible by both new and experienced retailers who use this market to sell not only to regional customers but also to clients around the world. However, you have the opportunity to expand your business internationally, and Translated is now available on Amazon Marketplace as a translation provider, If you’re a seller who wants to take advantage of the Amazon market to increase sales.

We can help you with your translation needs on the Amazon market anyhow of your chosen target region our translation experience includes 200 languages, and our translators have the skills to translate any and all product-based content, including descriptions, user reviews, and more. Our translations are carried out by native-speaking professionals with expansive experience of localization, ensuring that linguistic nuances and artistic differences aren’t lost in translation. The result? More accurate and effective localization.

How It Works

Presently, Amazon gives you the opportunity to reach markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. When it comes to ensuring success in a region-specific Amazon marketplace, you need to work with a translation partner to translate your product offering into the language of that particular region. For illustration, if you’re a seller based in Germany who wants to use Amazon’s American marketplace to target buyers in Canada, you need to translate product information into English and Canadian French. Take a look at the T- Index study to identify the most applicable market-language combination for your investment, taking into account the customer base and online sales eventuality.
Our work is based on two principles

1. Accurate keyword optimization
Think of all the descriptions you have written for your brand and products. There are a lot of phrases, words, and language you can use in different languages we use specialized tools to check the relevance of keywords in your market to ensure you capture the utmost of the available traffic.

2. Effective creativity
we localize listings to make your original commercial message and calls-to-action as persuasive as possible in the target language. Benefit from professional copywriters who work as a creative duo with our translators to ensure your messages are presented in the best possible way.

Localization enables more scalable products, easily

Directly localizing your content, providing your audience with the culturally acclimated information they need, and keeping your product information consistent are just some of the obvious factors in order to succeed on Amazon’s International Marketplace. And it couldn’t be simpler to get an instant quotation then or send us the files to be translated.

The translation is part of your marketing and is essential to global growth. pivotal arm of their marketing strategy ( see Airbnb- Translated case history). When done right, these translations become an investment that pays off handsomely with global buyers.