International Shipping

To set up foreign shipping with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  1.  Visit your Seller Central page, select Settings, and click on FBA.
  2. Find Export Settings and click Edit.
  3. Select FBA Export and produce an ane-signature when prompted. Finalize the new account by clicking Submit.

after you sign up for FBA Export, Amazon will identify which products within your inventory will be eligible for international shipping.
Like standard Fulfillment by Amazon, you’ll be needed to send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse. Also, the Amazon staff will fulfill any international orders that you receive. They will pack and ship your orders to international addresses on your behalf.

Preparing and shipping international orders yourself

 Still, you have the option of shipping international orders yourself, If you’d rather not use Amazon FBA and FBA Export.

you’ll be responsible for housing inventory and choosing the appropriate international shipping provider that will be suitable to deliver your packages securely.
including international shipping as an option to your customers

  • Going to the Seller Central page and select Settings.
  • Click Edit in the Default Shipping section.
  • Select International and/ or International Expedited.

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