International Returns

Managing Amazon International Returns has noway been easier! Our service will speed your returns process, keep guests happy, and keep your Amazon performance scores high!

Pace Global Logistics Amazon International Returns Service

Amazon is highly concentrated on customer satisfaction and recently enacted a policy to improve its service to consumers by taking international merchants selling on the Amazon marketplace to give customers a local return address or pay for the return shipping to the international origin.  

Pace Global Logistics provides international merchants an address for returns and as each return enters our distribution center it’s scanned into inventory and your account is updated with relevant information like tracking number, RMA number, weights, dimensions, and its contents if you ask.

Get Complaint - Get a Local Return Address

Do you need an Amazon International Returns Solution? 

You’re in the right place! When people buy your merchandise, they anticipate an easy return process. That means either sending returns directly to Amazon FBA for processing or to a local address. Providing customers, a local returns address securities customers from the frustration felt when shipping internationally. Let’s face it, shoppers are looking for an easy process that doesn’t include customs documentation, standing in line wasting time, and extravagant cost. 

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Make the confidence of Amazon and e-commerce customers by taking the important step of creating your local returns address.