Seller Reinstatement

Why is my Amazon account suspended? What should I do to get my account reinstated? What’s a Plan of Action and how can I get one? What should I do to avoid this in the future? 

 Still, presumably, your Amazon account was suspended for the first time, If these questions are hanging you. Take a deep breath and relax. You aren’t alone. While it’s true that Amazon has helped multiple small and medium-scale businesses grow exponentially, it also has a lot of rules and regulations for sellers to abide by. To cover its reputation, Amazon has implemented an innumerable number of policies and performance criteria on sellers. Due to which it becomes really difficult to manage operations as well as business challenges 

 Astronomically, Amazon account suspensions fall under two categories 

Policy Violations

 Your Amazon account is suspended when you violate the Amazon Policies of selling on its platform. The various suspension reasons include suspense due to inauthenticity, suspense due to IPR complaints, suspense due to multiple seller accounts, suspense due to review manipulation, and many more. 


Poor Seller Metrics

 For a great client experience, you should have your Amazon account in a healthy state. Amazon frequently suspends the accounts that fail on the seller criteria. Many sellers get their Amazon account suspended due to ODR, LDR, and other seller metrics like PCR. 

When Amazon suspends an Account, they generally tell you why. 

So, what to do in case of suspension?

.You can appeal to the decision of Account Suspense by submitting an Amazon Plan of Action outlining the issues that caused the complaint, the corrective measures taken by you to fix the issue, and preventative measures that will help you avoid the suspension in the future. You have to be actually meticulous in your plans and should be able to fully justify why Amazon should reinstate your account. 

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