Domestic shipping

FBA Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping services enable FBA sellers to dispatch products from their location to a fulfillment center. Service providers can record an appointment, pick up the products, and deliver them to the fulfillment center. FBA sellers can use this service to transport their products to a designated fulfillment center (FC). Service will help you in the following areas

  • Scheduling a pickup appointment over the phone, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Product pickup from your doorstep
  • Delivery confirmation




Q: What are the charges for this service?
A: Charges depend on the pickup city, destination FC, and Service Provider is chosen. Transportation rates start from INR.5.00/ Kg and vary with Service Provider, location, and FC. Volume- based discounts are available with every Service Provider.

Q: Should I take an FC appointment when transferring shipments through a service provider?
A: No, Service Providers are equipped to take FC appointments on your behalf. You only need to give your shipment details ( shipment size, no. of cartons, and type of product) to the Service Provider a day before the pickup.

Q: Are the goods insured?
A: Insurance is available at an additional cost with some Service Providers. Others will give you the necessary documentation that you can use to buy insurance yourself.

Q: How much time will it take to deliver the shipment once I hand over my products?
A: Time to deliver the shipment depends on the volume of your products and appointment with destination FC. Most products are generally shipped within 24-48 hours of pick up based on the availability of appointments at FC.

Q: In which cities is this service currently available?
A: Service Providers can do pickup across India. Hence, all FBA sellers across India can use thisservice.FBA Domestic Shipping FAQ
FBA sellers can use this service to transport their products to a designated fulfiment center (FC). Service will help you in following areas