Content Marketing

Content marketing is about a forward-thinking vision – as the Internet periods, information becomes the current and prominent source of value online. It’s always been about the content – since the beginning of eCommerce in the late 90s, up until the moment, practicing a business online means capturing and holding onto your audience through your content. 

 Then at Techmagnate, we live and breathe digital content marketing. With expert editors and talented writing staff at our fingertips, we work with each and every customer to develop and devise a unique approach to their industry, applying a set principle of key steps to produce a fleshed-out, comprehensive content plan. 

Why Content Marketing?

As a business, crafting valuable, unique, compelling content gives to the audience, rather than asking them for something. Content marketing is a strategic long-term approach to perfecting a brand’s visibility and earning trust.

Not only is content marketing more effective, but it also costs lower. Research by DemandMetric states that content marketing costs 62 less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. A study by Aberdeen suggests that content marketing leaders experience7.8 x site traffic than non-leaders. In fact, conversion rates are nearly 6x advanced for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

Investing in understanding your target market and creating a content strategy that serves their needs and solves their problems will go a long way in garnering attention and driving sales. All businesses and industries can work on their content marketing strategy to provide truly useful, consumable content to their audiences.

Our Content Marketing Services List Includes

Blog Posts Creation
A blog can be one of the most important tools to educate and inform your audience and cultivate loyalty. We can help with research and development, planning an overall content strategy, and populating your content calendar with fresh and unique content, designed for both humans and search engines.

Infographics Design
Infographics are becoming an important part of storytelling- helping you to make complex concepts simpler and garnering eyeballs. We can help you create effective infographics and illustrations that can be embedded on blogs and websites and drive action.

SEO Content Writing
As India’s leading SEO agency, we know how to produce website content aimed at humans and for search engines likewise. Website Content Writing. We can work with you to create product descriptions, value propositions, landing page copy, and other website copy-all designed to maximise readability and conversion.

Press Releases
We also create press releases for digital PR, which is compelling for readers and designed for maximum reach and upgrade.

Content and SEO

 As an SEO company, we ’re concentrated on making sure your website is eye delicacy to the search engines of the Internet. That’s why our content is n’t just well- written, amusing and factual – we out- write your competition, and put you ahead of the curve by creating a content plan that makes you the go-to source of information in your industry. 

 Content marketing is noway easy, or simple, but we make it look like both. That’s because we’re truly passionate about content. 

Quality Content Takes Time

atching content pay off is a game of tolerance and consistency – and the sooner we get started, the faster you ’ll see the effects of our content marketing services. 

 Get started Moment, and help us build your dream content plan. 

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